Letters:Will Tom Tancredo close off Colorado at the border?

"Gearing Up for Governor Tom," Kenny Be, August 5

Tom Tom Club

Tom Tancredo is a right-wing nut job. You people would do well to steer clear. You might as well kiss off any tourist dollars with this tea-bagger in the Governor's Mansion.

Dan Kilpatrick

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Hey, Wussieword! That's it? That's what you got? Better go get a load of sticks and stones to throw at this candidate that you seem to want to belittle, since you can't find any principled facts.

James Morton

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"Taking Off," Michael Paglia, August 5

Back on the Train Gang

Reading of Santiago Calatrava's designs for the airport made me think of three words: "automated baggage system." No matter what Michael Paglia says, I don't think this plan will fly.

Ed Vigil


Thanks for shining the spotlight on the proposed commuter rail bridge at Denver International Airport. The cost will be in the tens or hundreds of millions. Meanwhile, not one inch of light rail has been constructed in transit-dependent Adams County. All DIA needs is a simple platform stop (just like the bus stop) and no bridge. Will Adams County citizens and elected officials do something about this contempt toward them (there are a lot of things they can do), or will they just roll over again?

Richard Weber


Great article, with one correction: DIA will not be served by light rail. It will be commuter rail, in electric multiple units. The distinction is significant. Having seen this error repeatedly in Westword and in other local news media, I'm not surprised that there is skepticism now about the viability of rail service to DIA. Compared to the light-rail trains that we have now, the DIA trains will be larger, faster and more comfortable, carrying more passengers and luggage.

Chris Malloy


"Pot Head," William Breathes, August 5

Pot and Pans

Thank you, thank you, for finally putting one of your pot reviews in print! I don't even use marijuana anymore (or buy dreamcatchers — those both belonged to my hippie period), but I love reading William Breathes's pieces — and this one about the dispensary on the 16th Street Mall was hilarious.

Margie Reynolds


Contrary to popular mythology, research shows that marijuana use, including marijuana use for "medical" purposes, is not harmless. In fact, it can have serious idiosyncratic effects that no one would knowingly or willingly invite. No one who was aware of the harmful effects of marijuana use would use it for prescribed medical purposes except as a last resort if they valued their mental, physical or spiritual health. This is owing to the many different ill effects that its use can have, including delayed effects not only affecting the user, but those in the environment where the substance is smoked or used.

Your coverage concerning the qualities of marijuana that are available supposedly solely for medicinal use may well result in steering users of all stripes and motives to marijuana of highest levels of the active principle of the substance and misleading others into experimenting or continuing their chronic non-medical use of the substance. The use of the strongest kinds of marijuana only ensures the greater likelihood of experiencing ill effects. It should be noted that these ill effects affect not only the users, but those in their environment.

I sincerely hope that you will reconsider the part that you are playing in spreading the use or sanctioning the unthinking use of this extremely harmful substance.

Paula D. Gordon

Washington, D.C.