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Honor the Fallen

The Broomfield-based post-hardcore quintet Honor the Fallen trekked to Phoenix to record its new, self-titled EP with producer Cory Spotts, who's worked with Fearless Records acts like the Maine and Blessthefall. It's clear that Honor would be more than happy to follow the same career path as those two bands — and the new EP might be the thing to do it. More polished and less murky than the group's previous output, these five songs lean heavily toward the anguished anthems of Emery and Thrice, and guitarist/keyboardists Dan Ha and Benny Thompson underpin their tense, steely riffs with a layer of pretty shimmer. Frontman Matt Guerin's voice is the weakest link here; pinched and forced, especially during the quiet parts, it often lapses into dry hysterics and fails to carry the full emotive weight of the songs. There's also the fact that Honor the Fallen hasn't really found its own sound yet — but that could just as easily wind up being the band's biggest selling point.