The Best of Terrible

In the immensely entertaining documentary Best Worst Movie, the now-grown child star of arguably the worst movie ever made — the execrable yet strangely entertaining Troll 2 — tracks down his fellow actors and the acerbic Italian director and crew of that disasterpiece while delving into its strange cult of fans.

“I woke up one morning, and it was just like a hammer over the head,” Michael Paul Stephenson recalls. “I just remember thinking, ‘I’m the star of the worst movie ever made. This is a really great story here.’ I had to do it.”

It might sound like an odd concept, but thanks to the cast of fascinating characters behind the film, the charmingly rabid fans who adore it and the plethora of Troll 2 clips that are even more absurd out of context, first-time director Stephenson’s documentary is easily one of the most accessible and engaging films about film ever made.

It opens tonight at 5 and 7:30 p.m. at Starz FilmCenter, in the Tivoli building on the Auraria campus; you can also catch a showing of Troll 2 tonight and tomorrow at 10 p.m. at Starz. Tickets are $8 general admission, $7.25 students and seniors, and $7 for DFS members. For more info, tickets and showtimes, call 303-595-3456 or visit
Aug. 27-Sept. 2, 2010