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Le Divorce

"A Pixies album at 3 a.m./'Cause it's the small things that win in the end," sings Le Divorce's singer-guitarist Kitty Vincent on "Analogue," one of five songs on the band's debut, Pull Yourself Together. But don't read into that too literally. Le Divorce doesn't sound anything like the Pixies; rather, the quartet imagines PJ Harvey and the National bashfully flashing each other their psychic scars. Aided by former members of Everything Absent or Distorted and (die) PILOT, Vincent sings her life in a voice full of tooth and muscle, and she backs it up with big, loose, raw guitars — not that there isn't a brooding and nuanced undercurrent to her ink-black vignettes, one that makes Pull Yourself Together less of an admonishment and more of a mantra.