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Critic's Choice: Skully Mammoth on November 16 at Rhinoceropolis

Black Magicians From the Mountains of Mars is a bit of a mouthful. And an eyeful, for that matter. And while not everyone from that band migrated over to Skully Mammoth, the colossal sound sure did. Someone reaching for a genre descriptor for the kind of music made by these four guys might brand it "stoner rock." But, really, that's only part of what's going on here. Certainly the sludgy guitar riffs and dynamics of Black Sabbath can be found in some of the songs, mixed in with some psychedelia to warp the rough edges. But Skully Mammoth (due at Rhinoceropolis on Tuesday, November 16) doesn't just try to dull its sharp, spiky sounds — and that makes for some unexpected sonic textures in music that is often merely loud and aggressive rather than playfully intense.