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Jonas Erik Altberg, aka Basshunter, began producing music under that moniker in 2002 using the ubiquitous Fruity Loops computer program, working from home and self-releasing The Bassmachine before signing with Warner Music for his sophomore effort. Unlike many producers, Altberg sings on a lot of his own tracks, and six of his fourteen singles (beginning with the hit single "Now You're Gone") tell a fictional story via their music videos about Basshunter's on-again/off-again relationship with a girl. It's more than a tad gimmicky — but then, Basshunter competed on the U.K.'s Celebrity Big Brother earlier this year. His music is chock-full of cheesy, over-the-top synth lines and self-indulgent lyrics, the type of tunes that might garner you Billboard nods but that most listeners will have forgotten in a matter of months. He's popular, despite not doing anything particularly new or fresh — most of his work evokes the dead and unlamented happy hardcore genre — but if you're merely interested in something easy to dance to when you're drunk or otherwise intoxicated, you just might enjoy his set.