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Flashlights, December 17 at the Larimer Lounge

Ethan Converse and Sam Martin started Flashlights (due Friday, December 17, at the Larimer Lounge) messing around with synthesizers and software while living in Boulder. They say their early material was rough and not as evolved as they would have liked. Be that as it may, anyone who saw any of the band's first few shows can attest to the fact that these guys have a knack for smooth melodies within the context of languid dance music. Experiencing the band makes you feel as though you've somehow made it to an after-hours lounge in Tokyo post-red-eye flight with your sense of time completely out of whack. Flashlights makes hypnotically gorgeous music that makes you nostalgic for things that never happened to you but that you wish had. The gently turning melodies stir not just the imagination, but long-forgotten pleasant memories.