Tinsel and Tassles

Every holiday is more fun with a little something that starts with the letter “b.” Booze? Boobs? “Both,” says Michelle Scheffer, who makes up half of Ooh La La Burlesque and is probably better known by her alter ego, Fanny Fitztightlee.

Ooh La La’s fourth annual Fuck Christmas Party will cheerfully fill the bill. The party, conceived to cater to people who feel disenfranchised by wholesome holidays, features a wide variety of debauched entertainments, from burlesque to boylesque to an acoustic punk band that’s calling itself “David Carradine and the Autoerotic Asphyxiators.” Not that it’s going to be all aggro or anything: “We don’t really have family out here, and we just wanted to do something that was fun,” Scheffer clarifies. “It’s not super in-your-face. We just like to say ‘fuck’ a lot.”

The party gets started around 7 p.m. tonight at 3 Kings Tavern, 60 South Broadway, and there’s no cover charge. For more information, call 303-777-7352 or visit www.3kingstavern.com.
Sat., Dec. 25, 7 p.m., 2010