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Bigwheel Electrosoul

Bigwheel Electrosoul's The Guac Vol 1. features the intricate live instrumentation you expect from Bigwheel, boosted by the turntable skills of DJ Vajra, who chops things up and keeps them fresh and full. The ambience of the set, recorded live at Lola, is perfect for a progressive brunch crowd. Not only does DJ Check One completely throw down on the drums, but the collaboration of QKnox on keys and laptop and LikeMind on bass completely filters out any need for vocals at times. On "Bigwheel Goes to Tom's Diner," the band is at its height, while the rendition of "Stakes Is High" is concise and brilliant with its dips and musical turns. Bigwheel is known for putting on an energetic live show, and The Guac presents the band at its soulful and sophisticated best. It's also a perfect appetizer for a full album from Bigwheel.