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Off With Their Heads

Minnesota's Off With Their Heads is not exactly redefining punk, but these dudes may be responsible for breathing life back into it — or at least one of the labels that helped shape the genre. In February 2010, the foursome signed with punk stalwart Epitaph Records, which will release the act's latest album, In Desolation — only its second full-length since the band formed in 2002. The label, famous for signing punk veterans such as NOFX and Bad Religion, had taken a short break from signing punk acts and instead diverted its attention to arena-friendly emo acts like Bring Me the Horizon and Thursday. Hoping to bring Epitaph back to its roots, Off With Their Heads, which recalls fellow Minnesotans Dillinger Four, is following in the path of punk-rock heroes who came before while carving out a new path for those who will follow its lead.