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Flick Pick: 2012: The True Mayan Prophecy shows March 3

It's probably safe to say that your worldly possessions won't be destroyed in an apocalypse on December 21, 2012 (659 days from this publication date, if you weren't counting), as professed by conspiracy theorists cashing in on the end of the Mayan calendar. And 2012: The True Mayan Prophecy, a documentary by PeaceJam founders Ivan Suvanjieff and Dawn Engle, attempts to explain why -- straight from the mouths of the Mayans themselves, including Rigoberta Menchu Tum (pictured with the Dalai Lama), a Nobel Peace Prize winner and the world's best-known member of this ancient but resurgent culture.

The fifty-minute documentary combines slick digital illustrations worthy of the Discovery Channel and silly man-on-the-street interviews about the apocalypse ("The Mayans just might have ran out of stones to write their calendar on," says one) that provide a lighter alternative to the dense early portions of the film. PeaceJam, a nonprofit, is based in Arvada.

Still, something is going to happen. "An era of 5,125 years is coming to a close," Menchu Tum says in the film. "It will launch a brand-new era. In this era, for the very first time, male and female energies will be united."

Suvanjieff and Engle said the inspiration for 2012 came from a visit Menchu Tum made to Boulder in 2009. There she was asked about the way the notion of a 2012 apocalypse was portrayed in popular culture, giving an answer that became the basis for the film. 2012: The True Mayan Prophecy shows at 7 p.m. on March 3 at the Denver FilmCenter, 2510 East Colfax Avenue. There will be a Q&A session with Engle afterward. Tickets are $10 to $12.