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Elephant 6 Orchestra

A cursory glance at a list of the bands involved in the Elephant 6 collective is basically a who's who of the most interesting, influential underground pop bands of the 1990s and beyond. Founded by future members of the Apples in Stereo, Olivia Tremor Control and Neutral Milk Hotel, Elephant 6 released its first seven-inch, the Apples' Tidal Wave EP, in 1993; for the rest of the decade, the collective was involved in producing and recording albums like In Aeroplane Over the Sea and Music From the Unrealized Film Script, Dusk at Cubist Castle. This tour brings together many of the important players of Elephant 6, including Will Cullen Hart, Laura Carter, Bill Doss and Julian Koster, to perform some of their old songs and music by more obscure Elephant 6 projects.