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Reading Rainbow

LeVar Burton, the man most readily associated with the children's program Reading Rainbow, is probably unaware of this Reading Rainbow, which presumably lifted the name of that show for its musical experiments. Sarah Everton and Rob Garcia built this project out of the pieces of their old band, Forensic Teens, in Philadelphia. Immediate comparison between the duo's songwriting aesthetic and that of the Vaselines — or between it and the kindred sound of modern lo-fi bands like Eat Skull or experimental pop groups like Denver's own Gauntlet Hair — can be made. But like those groups, Reading Rainbow didn't set out to be part of any prevailing trends in recording or songwriting. Rather, Everton and Garcia's songs have a whimsical flavor buoyed by a sense of innocence about them, like the Velvet Underground stripped of its street smarts and replaced by modern fairy tales and daydreams.