Gettin’ Snuggied

Nothing assuages the guilt of getting inappropriately hammered more than doing it for a cause – and at the third annual Snuggie Pub Crawl, you’ll be helping the Multiple Sclerosis Society and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Denver. “If there’s a cause to rally around and some free beer, people are going to come out,” observes crawl organizer Ted Morse. “Especially if it’s an excuse to parade around in a ridiculous article of clothing.”

And the articles of clothing in question are certain to be extremely ridiculous. As if the Snuggie itself were not a dumb enough thing to be wearing in public, Morse assures that it will get even sillier. “We always have a Snuggie costume contest, and each year people try to one-up themselves,” Morse says. “We have a Star Wars crew, we have a Care Bear crew, we have a Slutty Snuggie crew. It’s just one of the most ridiculous things you’ll ever see.” Besides that, there’ll be beer pong and tippy cup, ’80s rock galore, drink specials and free beer and the special camaraderie of doing something really dumb en masse. Drink up!

Registration is $25 per person online and $30 at the door. The crawl begins at 2:30 p.m. at Jackson’s, 1520 20th Street, before heading to four other bars. “Only the strong will survive,” Morse predicts. For more information, visit the Facebook page.
Sat., April 9, 3-10 p.m., 2011