The Fine Art of Dining

Eric Matelski is a champion of the common — and often inexperienced — citizen when it comes to art appreciation: He tirelessly curates and hangs shows for the hoi polloi in bars and restaurants around town, dreams up hands-on bar nights like this winter’s Artzy Fartzy craft-and-chili nights at Dazzle, places painted pianos on the 16th Street Mall and hosts monthly Denver Art Talks, wherein featured local artists get to talk about themselves and their work and throw a low-key party for listeners at the Crossroads Theater in Five Points. And then there are Matelski’s Docent Dinners, one of his more recent creations, also held at Dazzle.

“I keep trying to find unique ways to get people to interact with Denver artists and artwork, especially people who don’t know how to approach artwork in general,” Matelski says. “The initial concept is to have a more intimate version of the art talks that will open up more conversations and opinions.”

This month, Matelski presents artists Tony Zellaha and Jason McQuitty over a Dazzle-created menu of special three-course meals; join the artists and raise a glass beginning at 4 p.m. Tickets for the dinner salon are just $25. Space is limited and reservations are required; call 303-898-4350 to register. Dazzle is at 930 Lincoln Street.
Sun., April 17, 4 p.m., 2011