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Bad Brains

Before anyone even knew what hardcore was, Bad Brains was shattering the expectations of concert-goers in Washington, D.C., with its unique mixture of so many different styles it was nearly impossible to know what to anticipate. Fast-forward nearly thirty years, and the band is back on the touring circuit with its classic lineup. Musically, Bad Brains has always broken genre rules, balancing itself somewhere between Black Flag and Bob Marley. None of that has really changed over time, and H.R.'s vocals are just as manic and ridiculous as always, despite the mental instability he seems to have suffered. The band is as tight as it's ever been, and, regardless of its vintage, can provide one of the most flamboyant and energetic shows you'll see all year. Bad Brains is a part of musical history, and whether you're experiencing the group for the first time or potentially the last, you don't want to miss it.