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Il Cattivo

For the sake of this review, the bands that the members of Il Cattivo used to be in will not be mentioned. While there are a lot of them, the names will not be listed here, out of respect — because Il Cattivo's debut album is better than anything those bands have ever released. Guitarist Matt Bellinger conjures up the visceral aggressiveness and cryptic note bends for which he has always been known, but he showcases a new cohesiveness and groove, best displayed on "Serenity Prayer." Brian Hagman, perhaps the best hard-rock frontman in Denver, ebbs low and sincere on tracks like "Betting Boy" before unleashing a psychotic wail at the end of "You, Again?" Rounded out by Matty Clark, Jed Kopp and Holland Rock-Garden, Il Cattivo will never have to apologize for the quality of its work or rest on the laurels of its past.