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Vitamins has never sat idle for long, and this EP is proof of that. At first, "No Notion of Anything Only Whatever Is What" sounds like the kind of breezy indie pop that the group did so well on its last album, 2008's Calliope — except it also appears that someone in the band (which includes occasional Backbeatblog contributor Crawford Philleo) might have been listening to a bit of krautrock and found a way to make it sound joyous. "The Disappearance of David Lee Powell," by contrast, is darker and moodier, like the vibe on the band's 2009 release, Songs for Stem Cells, only more sharply realized. "Liquid Crystals," meanwhile, displays a willingness to inject even the catchiest material with sonic experiments and unconventional rhythms and song structures. Judging from this recording, what comes next from Vitamins will be remarkable.