Letters: "I love Dylan's music, but take it for what it is"

"Speed Candidating," Kenny Be, April 14

To Be or Not to Be?

Kenny Be is a genius! His "Speed Candidating" is the only thing I've seen this entire campaign season that makes the candidates seem interesting. If only Kenny were running for mayor...

Lucy Myers


"Trigger Happy," Patricia Calhoun, April 14

That's Cold!

We don't need a museum in order to remember Rocky Flats. I don't think Patricia Calhoun will ever let us forget it.

I'm glad they're going to make sure that the workers are part of the exhibits at the Rocky Flats Cold War Museum, though. Those are the people who really made the sacrifices, and may wind up paying for them with their lives.

Danny Vigil


Did I miss the name of Rocky Flats whistleblower Jim Stone in "Trigger Happy"?  I see his name in earlier Calhoun columns, but he more than deserves a mention in the current piece.

Mary Frances De Rose


Patricia Calhoun responds: The Rocky Flats Cold War Museum board is just beginning to plan the exhibits that will be displayed when the facility opens a year from now. In the meantime, you can send suggestions via the museum's website at

I Am Trying to Break Your Heart, Jef Otte, April 14

How Does It Feel?

Like many older-generation artists, Dylan is just doing what most folk aspire to — and that is make some money. He has been 'round the block in so many cities so many times, and his management is cracking new markets. Sales of music have dipped dramatically for him and others. He is, in his own words, a song-and-dance man, nothing else.

I love Dylan's music, but take it for what it is.

Alex O'Brien

Glasgow, Scotland

The Best of Denver 2011, March 31

Best or Bust

From the Best New Building Downtown: "All the credit for that success goes to Keat Tan, the building's principal designer and a partner in the Denver architecture firm klipp."

You do realize buildings are a product of a collaborative endeavor and not just attributable to one person, right? Oh, of course not, you're the media, who have no idea what it takes to design and build a project, especially of that magnitude. This "starchitect" mentality must go away.

Jeff Berm


Regarding Best Place to Get a Haircut and a Bean Pie:

Preceding my first haircut at Supreme Styles in 1998 or thereabouts, I recall owner Herman Muhammad styling hair at another barber shop in Aurora. He was not my personal barber then, but I remember brooding over how distinct he was from the other barbers: humble, quiet, unassuming. "Brother Herman," as he is affectionately known throughout our community, is a master craftsman of hairstyling, one of his many talents. In addition, he is a wonderful counselor, listening intently to his customers and giving unbiased advice with wisdom.

Supreme Styles has always been known to offer not just a haircut that you are proud to display, but enlightenment...while enjoying a delicious, healthful slice of bean pie.

Alejandro Muhammad


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