A Good, Hard Look

What’s the deal with hard-edge painting, anyway? As Plus Gallery’s Ivar Zeile notes, “Some people take it for granted. They look at it and say, ‘How hard can that be? Where is the relationship to life and philosophy?’” Maybe so. But if you take one good, hard-edged look at the paintings in Peaking the Edge, a curated group show opening at Plus, you’ll see a wildly colorful collection of works that do, indeed, have something to say, if not in the conventional way of other genres. Featuring a hard-edge cornucopia of measured, flat, bright abstractions by eight painters (including two from New Zealand), the exhibit was brought together at the suggestion of participating artist Tim Jag.

“It’s going to be a very colorful exhibition — vibrantly so,” Zeile says. “The first impression for people is going to be the dynamics of color. But if people analyze what the motivating factors are behind these artists and their compositions, they’re going to see something poignant in the field today.” And, in response to the sometimes-jagged, eye-bending nature of the school, he adds, “Some of these works are sort of like an expression of today’s computer-based society: They’re beautiful on one hand and disorienting on the other.”

Tonight’s reception from 6 to 9 p.m. at Plus, 2501 Larimer Street, will include live “art-actions” by Jag and machine-based artist Gary Parkins, something Zeile agrees is unusual for the gallery; Peaking the Edge remains on view through May 28. Visit www.plusgallery.com or call 303-296-0927.
April 22-May 28, 2011