Letters: Readers thank pot critic William Breathes

"Trigger Happy," Patricia Calhoun, April 14

Location, Location, Location

Having lived off of 96th and Indiana (walking distance to Rocky Flats, I say) for twenty years, I am concerned at how the developments are popping up there. Do they have to disclose to buyers that they will be living practically in the buffer zone? The wind has been blowing the dirt toward Standley Lake regularly of late, and I live across from the Woman Creek Reservoir for plutonium hot runoff. Do they ever retest to make sure it's still okay?

Actually, I thought living there would keep the suburbs at bay.

A. Holmes


Latest Word, April 21

Blood Will Tell

Kudos to Westword and William Breathes for offering solid proof of what is wrong with the proposed THC/DUI bill. Good reporting.

Al Klein


Wow. Using science. What a novel idea.

WTF is Claire Levy thinking? First, what problem is this bill addressing? I would submit that citizens of Colorado have been smoking marijuana long before Amendment 20 — and some of those citizens are also drivers. Has there been an overwhelming recent trend of reckless and harmful drivers?

Boulder, please make better choices at the ballot box next time. There shouldn't be a shortage of Dems in Boulder.

Name withheld on request

A perfect illustration of the complete uselessness of these tests for determining impairment.

Steve Elliott


Is it necessary for our lawmakers to waste time and resources on such an issue? It frightens me to find so little is known by the people who represent me. So many out of work. Wake up.

Michael Gillis


Good on ya, Will. You helped defeat a bill that unscientifically and unconstitutionally targeted cannabis users.

We must remember it's our government; we make it what we want. We have science, law and history on our side. If we assert ourselves, we cannot be stopped.

Corey Donahue


Thank you, Westword and William Breathes, for playing an integral role in our democracy. Investigative journalism brought to us by a local publishing effort driven by the pulse of its community, rather than the editorial bottom line cast from a distant boardroom, is too critical a component to let go unheralded.

Bravo! I'm a concerned parent and MMJ patient who's stumped as to how I'm to politely excuse myself from driving my own children, let alone those of my friends and neighbors. None of us would callously venture out with fresh plumes of smoke crawling out of our heads and operate a motor vehicle with kids inside. However, this test/article by the author quickly demonstrated that a person smoking indica for nighttime medication might find themselves in legal harm's way when driving the following morn.

Keep it up, Westword!

Name withheld on request

Editor's note: The April 21 issue was going to press as a Senate Judiciary Committee was discussing HB 1261, which would label anyone with 5 nanograms of active THC per milliliter of blood as driving under the influence. The week before, William Breathes, Westword's pot reviewer, had avoided his medicine of choice for fifteen hours, then had his blood tested — and even though a doctor proclaimed him "sober," he tested at three times that limit. We got those results in time to rush them into print — and into testimony at the committee hearing. For more on this mission, see our Marijuana posts on the Latest Word blog at