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The Roadside Profits

The Roadside Profits have crafted an work of more-than-good production, slightly off-kilter rapping — in the pleasing sense — and a ubiquitous undertone of rap nostalgia with Roadside Saves. The album weighs in at a hefty fourteen tracks, with more than a few of those slowing down the record's progress. The exception is the Spellbinder-assisted "Beatdown," which comes in with a reggae-drenched beat and Binder's signature patois, warranting a second listen, possibly a third. The two rap with passion and display an obvious love for hip-hop, but their delivery is really uninspiring. The warm gravel etched into Ra Bailey's voice gives the rhymes a buoyant touch and carries the record for a while, but without the production assists and feature presence, this effort falls slightly flat.