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On his latest mixtape, 24, Julox stars as Black Bauer, an obvious throw to the Fox television show of the same name. Chronicled like a long day filled with violence, drugs, getting random pussy and throwing up middle fingers to the law, 24 finds Julox spitting lyrics with convincing realism. Surprisingly, while there is virtually no diversity in his delivery and he tells different stories with the same tone, it works. The first track is titled "1:00am," the next is "2:00am," and so on through 24 tracks — though you might find yourself fading a bit by "6:00am." The steadfast will find that the Mo Heat-produced "7pm" is a nice touch. From a production standpoint, Julox could use some assistance in selection, but he does well with what he chose. Overall, the MC is entertaining and creative in his descriptions, making 24 worth a listen.