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Itchy-O releases Inferno at Sutra on May 22

In early 2010, Itchy-O started crashing house shows and other events with a "surprise" visit from a full marching band and a dancing, Chinese-style dragon. While not the first-ever guerrilla marching band, Itchy-O (due at Sutra on Sunday, May 22) is probably the first to fully embrace experimental music as part of its overall sound, using battery-powered amps and a wide array of noisemakers. Since then, the outfit has made appearances around town and at shows wearing nearly identical uniforms that make them look like part EZLN spokesmen, part alternative high-school band. Inducing disorientation and delight wherever it goes, the Itchy-O Marching Band should be completely unquantifiable. But with the help of producer Bob Ferbrache, the band has managed to capture some of its outsider magic on Inferno, the debut offering being released at this show.