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Critic's Choice: Kevin Costner Suicide Pact, June 10 at Larimer Lounge

Few people not close to the band would ever have suspected that four of the guys from the pop band Fellow Citizens would do music like this. Not because Fellow Citizens doesn't have an experimental edge in its songwriting; it does. No, it's because Kevin Costner Suicide Pact (due Friday, June 10, at the Larimer Lounge) is so far removed from conventional songwriting that it's like a songwriting leap into another universe. The gentle ebb and flow of the group's manipulation of guitar, bass, synth and vocal sounds is reminiscent of Steve Roach's work for Hearts of Space or Eno's work with Robert Fripp: beautifully mysterious and entrancing. In the same realm as Jesse Sola's long-running ambient project Numina, this band's primary charm is in how the music transports you not through force, but by coaxing the imagination on a tranquil, otherworldly journey.