All In the PHAMALy

The combination of Josh Blue and PHAMALY is pretty much the Voltron of disabled people — or maybe more like Captain Planet, except the kid in the wheelchair gets all the powers instead of just the lame-ass power of “heart.” At any rate, that’s what you’ll get from the 2011 Circle of Stars Gala, a fundraiser for the Physically Handicapped Actors & Musical Artists League featuring everyone’s favorite comedian with cerebral palsy.

It’s also the first time the two most notable disabled acts in town have ever performed together — and that’s a pretty big deal — but the more important part is perhaps that the Gala plays a big role in keeping the PHAMALY together. “This is our main fundraiser for the year,” explains executive director Chris Silberman. “Tickets to our shows cover about 50 percent of what it costs to produce them, so we really count on these funds.”

What you’ll get in return is food, drinks and a little sneak preview of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, PHAMALY’s summer show. And, of course, Blue — who, word of warning, likes to work a little, er, blue: “Just think of it as really well-timed Tourette’s,” goes one gag. “That’s the great thing about having a disability: You have one, you can have them all.”

The gala begins at 6 p.m. tonight at Mile High Station, 2027 West Lower Colfax Avenue; tickets are $60, with VIP packages available. For more information, call 303-575-0005 or visit
Fri., June 17, 2011