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Jonesin' to dance: Sunshine Jones spins on July 21 at Jet Hotel

Team AG has been bringing in some big names for its Thursday-night shows at the Jet Hotel, from Mark Farina to Doc Martin to Sunshine Jones, who'll perform his special blend of live PA and mixing there on July 21. Best known for his longtime association with Moonbeam (he was one half of Dubtribe Sound System throughout the '90s), Jones has moved from vinyl to CD turntables to mixing on a laptop, and the fresh approach to his music shines through in his upbeat, provocative, tribal and very danceable beats. He keeps the tempo relatively slow, but uses live vocals, loops, percussion and effects to create the sound he's going for. If you saw Jones with Moonbeam at the Dubtribe Sound System show earlier this year, then you know he's capable of generating the type of energy seldom seen in a rave or club atmosphere. Frederick Gentry and DJ Dre will share the main Jet Hotel room with Jones, while DJs Skunk, Nutmeg, Juggernaut, Veritas, Brick Lee, Khalib, Himay and Dylan hold down a second room. For a night full of hard-pumping house music, the $10 cover is a steal.