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The Christines reunite, August 27 at the hi-dive

By happenstance, this week has somehow shaped up to be a throwback/reunion of sorts to the best parts of local music from 1990s, with two beloved Denver acts from that era playing shows a day apart. This Saturday, August 27, the Christines will be at the hi-dive. Formed in 1992, the Christines made a name for themselves by writing chime-y, psychedelic pop songs underpinned by a robust guitar sound akin to something you might hear out of the more melodic end of Spacemen 3, if that band had absorbed even more Nuggets-era garage rock. Often associated with the upsurge of indie pop in Denver, this band never really broke up; it just got a lot better. On Sunday, August 28, meanwhile, the similarly named Christie Front Drive is playing at the Larimer Lounge. During its heyday, Christie Front Drive was at the center of the second wave of emo in the mid-'90s. While the band probably didn't intend to earn a genre label, it was unafraid to lay bare raw emotional expression. Influential beyond just emo, CFD set the bar high for melodic punk.