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Iman S

On Imanster, Iman S's latest mixtape, the rapper mates superb production with subpar lyrics. On "Quagmire," a throw to a super-horny character from Family Guy, when Iman brags about how many hos he fucks and the swagger that he uses to convince the women he beds, the metaphors feel forced. On "King Kong," which samples dialogue from Training Day, the gruff voice of Denzel Washington gives the track an extra push, but Iman's delivery and subject matter are so similar to everything else on the album that the song doesn't stand out as much as it could. When he allows himself to stretch his themes a bit — as he does on "Day by Day" — the rapper is impressive. But despite some dope beats and unique moments in production, Iman's flow, which is virtually unchanged throughout, fails to keep his rhymes from becoming monotonous.