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Critic's Choice: Jim Norris benefit on January 26 at 3 Kings Tavern

ZetaKaye House has been curating a series of compilations for the past couple of years featuring some of the best music created in Denver. The latest in the series, This Ain't No Cowtown Volume III Kings, is being released as a fundraiser for 3 Kings Tavern co-owner and longtime supporter of underground culture in Denver Jim Norris (pictured). Last fall, Norris was bitten by a brown recluse and incurred a hefty hospital bill. Turns out that being a partner in a bar doesn't exactly make you a millionaire — or even come with medical benefits. The fact that so many noteworthy local bands have come forward to show their support is a testament to Norris's standing in the community. On Thursday, January 26, at 3 Kings, you'll get to see the New Ben Franklins, Bonnie and the Beard, Calder's Revolvers and Dutch Rudders for five dollars. A steal for a very good cause.