Tim Tebow probably won't show his skivvies to a Kardashian

Girls, girls, girls: Tim Tebow has also been dealing with lies and conjecture, but of a very different nature. Tebow, it seems, is married to his faith — which is fine, because it means he has more time to practice his footwork and accuracy in the off-season. But that doesn't mean that the ladies aren't lusting after the Second Coming. The latest woman to make a forward pass at the Big Tebowski, at least according to Internet rumors and an upcoming National Enquirer story, is Kim Kardashian, a woman who is famous for, um, what is she famous for again? Well, there's a reality show or two, and her short marriage to NBA player Kris Humphries, and that sex tape. Okay, well, whatever. She is famous and may or may not have a crush on the Broncos quarterback.

But Tebow, who appeared shirtless in a recent Jockey underwear ad, probably won't be showing Kardashian his skivvies anytime soon. The devoutly religious fellow has been linked to numerous women on the Internet, but is reportedly saving himself for marriage and hasn't officially claimed to be dating anyone — famous or not. Not that people aren't interested. In December, skier Lindsey Vonn watched a Broncos game from the Tebow family box and Tebowed after a winning a race, but she denied any sort of romance. And last month, singer Katy Perry's minister parents reportedly suggested that their daughter would make an ideal girlfriend for the Mile High Messiah.