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Korn has proven impervious to trend: The act instigated nu-metal in the '90s and, less than ten years later, stuck around to witness the genre's crushing death. Making records through it all, the Bakersfield, California-based band carved out a previously uncharted radio niche with a heavy but sludge-less 1994 self-titled release, followed by a string of similar records that made way for the like minds of Slipknot, Avenged Sevenfold and Godsmack to thrive. Jonathan Davis has been at the helm from the beginning, and the erratically energized lead singer's punching squeal-growl is the watermark of Korn's jolting rhythmic sound. Last year brought Korn to its biggest stylistic change in nearly two decades, as Davis employed contributions from Datsik, Kill the Noise and three-time Grammy winner and dubstep purveyor Skrillex on Korn's tenth studio offering, Path to Totality. And so the trend continues.