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Andy McLoughlin spins at 2200 on March 17

Chicago and Detroit might be the cities you think of first when house music comes to mind, but believe it or not, Nottingham, in the United Kingdom, plays host to a vibrant underground house scene, due in part to the presence of the Kinky Movement DJ collective there. The crew started out in 1997 hosting underground house nights on their home turf, and three collective members (Lee Eden, John Symms and Andy McLoughlin) have been producing tunes for the outfit since 2004, released on such labels as Tango, Mobile Trax, Drop Music, Flavor and many more. McLoughlin and Eden also have their own record label, Replay Recordings, which releases tracks spun by some of the top names in the business — and when the boys aren't in the studio, they're dropping deep house onto dance floors across the globe. Audio Indika is bringing McLoughlin to 2200 on Saturday, March 17, for Drunk and Kinky, his first-ever Colorado appearance; Uriah West and Rescue will warm up the crowd for him.