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King Foe immerses himself on Junkie

When it comes to the subject of drugs, King FOE's new EP, Junkie, is about as viciously honest and descriptive as it gets. The second EP in the BLKHRTS trilogy, Junkie is all about the reality of drug use and the ills that go along with using. FOE drew from his own experiences, as well as those of close family members, to get into the frame of mind of someone who is addicted to drugs; he also immersed himself in the William S. Burroughs memoir of the same name. FOE's writing is dark and fearless and is meant to take you into the world of a junkie. On the eve of Junkie's release, we caught up with him to talk about drugs (what else?) and the record's first video, which is brutally graphic.

Westword: The second EP from the BLKHRTS trilogy is uncompromisingly all about drugs. How did the theme come together?

King FOE: Well, it's obvious that I would be the best person in the group to talk about drugs. Yonnas is obsessed with sex, and Karma doesn't do drugs or anything, so it was pretty much on me. I do drugs. Every day. Not only that, but there's been a lot of experiences in my life that I've had to deal with involving drug use and people doing drugs around me.

The subject matter kind of leads people to think you're talking about yourself being a junkie...

I'm not a junkie. I'm not sitting there shooting up heroin — I've never tried that shit. But it's more about me stepping into the mind state of someone who is addicted. People do drugs for all types of reasons. Even though I'm not a junkie, I have family members who did that shit while I was growing up. I can talk about their justification for why they do it, the way they hide it or how it's defined as partying or living how they want. It's about me stepping into that life.

Your experience is what inspired the content the most?

I also read the book by William Burroughs, Junkie. That book was the epitome of how a junkie thinks and acts and why he does what he does. I had to read it to put myself more into the mind of someone who is addicted. A lot of people have no idea of the real reasons why people do drugs. Sometimes it's just to cope with the day-to-day process. It's about numbing the world. They do it for a certain amount of time and they get hooked. I did drugs as recreation. It just so happens that now I smoke weed every day.

Do you have a drug problem?

I don't think I do, but every addict thinks that.

The first video for the project, "Junkie," came out the gate swinging with the on-camera drug use.

Yeah, people called me, wigging the fuck out, wanting to know if it was real heroin that the girl was shooting up. It wasn't a way to glorify it, but to let people know that it's here. There are a lot of people that we know personally that do this shit, getting junk-sick and shit like that. This is real fucking life. I wanted to show that. I don't think I've ever seen anyone shoot up on camera or do that type of drug on camera. That's really a scary thing to look at.