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4H Royalty

Since 4H Royalty's Zach Boddicker spent time playing in Drag the River, it wasn't surprising to find a few similarities to the latter's sound on 4H's debut, 2010's Colossalalia. And while there are still hints of the same to be found on the act's followup, Where UFOs Go to Die (slated for release this Saturday, May 26, at the Lion's Lair), it strays a bit further from Drag territory, starting with the Lucero-like "Accordion Bus." A few songs later, the Royal ones rock out on the instrumental "The Black Hornet Rides Again," which almost feels like a countrified take on Van Halen's "Hot for Teacher" minus the guitar shredding. There are other fueled-up rockers, such as "The Blind Draw" and "Itchy Blood," but the quartet also takes things down a notch with heartfelt ballads like "Fall Off the Face of the Earth With Me" and "Virtues, Spices & Liquors."