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The Pretty Sure

There is nothing subtle about the Pretty Sure's new EP. From frontman Arlo White's gritty, basement-show vocals to the showstopping guitar to the je-ne-say-what lyrics ("I'll be a werewolf for you, mama") that permeate the entire album, this quartet betrays a distinctly Black Lips attitude and blues-punk aesthetic chased with a good-humored dose of Jet (perhaps that's the "Sabotage" part?). Album standout "Admiral Anything" is an unwashed, unfiltered tribute to Iggy Pop, while "One-Eyed Woman" channels a slightly worse-for-wear version of Wolfmother's "Woman." Predicated on straightforward garage rock turned sloppily on its side, the expansive EP functions like a rowdy, raunchy and ultimately way-too-short live show recorded on disc. If these guys are as urgent on stage as they are on a car stereo, they've got long nights — and longer praise — in store.