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Angry Hand of God brings its psych-tinged, bluesy metal to Bender's Tavern

Angry Hand of God (due at Bender's Tavern on Friday, August 3) came together in 2006, when founding members Mark Pilloud and Pat Dixon met on and started jamming. They eventually recruited Brian Kennedy and Garret McGaugh and starting playing out around Denver, sharing gigs with like-minded acts such as the Bronze and the Nod. Dixon and the band parted amicably, and Ezana Negash stepped in on vocal duties. The psych-tinged, bluesy metal that is the core of Angry Hand's sound seemed to go out of vogue for a few years, but with the renewed interest in sludgy, heavy rock like that of Sleep and Electric Wizard, the group seems even more relevant than when it started. Its new album, Revelations From Rock Bottom, is a nuanced display of sonic heft worthy of its influences.