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J. Rebelz

True to her moniker on the fittingly titled The Rebellion Vol. 1, J. Rebelz rebels against the misogynistic stereotypes of self-deprecating females cast upon many of her contemporaries. On the album, which boasts meticulous production, J. Rebelz evokes the feel of a '90s female MC, with a demeanor that's ladylike and graceful while still being hard and rough, particularly with lines like "I ain't coming with that money, cars, private jets/And what I got that they lack is fucking intellect," from "Our Time," and on cuts like "By Myself," in which she intimately reflects on her struggles and reveals her determination. The beats here are well selected and of high quality, which makes the whole project feel like more than just a gimmick. The record's street sound brings J. Rebelz prominently to the forefront of an arena typically dominated by men, a place where she seems perfectly at ease.