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The Wonderful Evils/Last Eyes

"Thus Pat Garrett on the Battlefield," which appears on the Wonderful Evils side of this split cassette, combines the shimmering vibrancy of the late-afternoon air in summer with a sense of motion. The intricate guitar work is reminiscent of John Fahey, or Jorma Kaukonen's instrumental "Embryonic Journey." There's an organic, expansive quality to the three compositions on this side. On the flip side, though built of divergent sonic stuff, Last Eyes' "You Still Think That Light in You Is Hidden" has a haunted pastoral quality with a distorted sheen. You get the feeling that these songs are the sort of thing Kevin Shields might do if he were bored and wanted to demo ideas that were informed by noise, drone and collage, using the guitar almost as a compositional element, drawing with the layers shading to convey a sense of lonely daydreaming.