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Damian Lazarus will bring range and experience to the Jet Hotel

Damian Lazarus has plenty of experience in the music industry — not just as an artist, but also as a writer and an A&R executive on the City Rockers label, where he helped sign some major talent. Lazarus, who's been searing dance floors around the world since he was invited to spin at the Sonar Festival in Barcelona in 2002, has both impeccable taste and a proven ability to read a crowd. In addition to playing live, he also puts together free (and very popular) Lazpod shows to keep the masses fed. His techno ranges from the house-influenced side of things to the extremely minimal, but whatever blend he's bringing, you can bet it'll be funky enough to raise the dead. He'll take over the Jet Hotel (yes, the entire thing) this Saturday, November 3, with DJ MLE, Mental69, Greg Eversoul, Satori-C, Rod Sim and Sir Thomas.