Cookies and Community

Serious adult conversations can be boring, which is why pairing them with cookies and milk might be the best way to get people interested. That’s what Evan Weissman hopes to do with Warm Cookies of the Revolution, which he describes as a “civic health club” designed to get people engaged.

“What we’ll do are fun and exciting and engaging events, discussions and films that lead into civic and social and community issues,” he explains. For example, he might host a screening of a Broncos game and then talk about the history of the stadium, who paid for it, and who used to live in that area before it was built. “You go to the gym for your physical health; you go to a religious institution for your spiritual health; you go to a psychologist for your mental health. So this is a place for our community’s civic health; it’s one that is often overlooked, but that I think is desperately needed.”

The very first event, Warm Cookies and Games, takes place at 6:30 p.m. at Buntport Theater, 717 Lipan Street (Weissman hopes to have a permanent space next year). Board games and snacks will be provided, but participants can bring their own games. Admission is free, and RSVPs are helpful but not required. To make yours, go to the Warm Cookies Facebook page or e-mail [email protected]
Mon., Nov. 12, 6:30 p.m., 2012