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Int'l Petey

Peter Henry (aka Int'l Petey) is a Katrina refugee who arrived in Colorado after the devastation of his home state, bringing some New Orleans swagger with him. The rapper's new project, Love Money Music, assisted by DJ Shadoe, is full of bass-heavy street anthems. From the beginning, Int'l Petey raps with determination, spitting lines like "I'm pimped out/These niggas called it quits/They took the easy route." On "Fly Boy," he taps into '90s nostalgia with a track that recalls some early Cash Money music. The highlights here include the "Tats on My Arm" freestyle and "Apple Bottom," which samples the Isley Brothers' "In Between the Sheets." Both cuts showcase the rapper's mellow signature flow. But "Shinin'," the last track on Love Money Music, is one of the best. The song starts slow, with a sample that draws you in, before dropping into a fast-paced, hi-hat-driven verse. Overall, this is a quality project from an often overlooked artist.