Dark Dreams

A young woman with a supernatural talent for finding things goes looking for trouble and discovers it in the form of a monstrous man who uses children for his own dark ends. This is the plot of Joe Hill’s new novel NOS4A2. The best-selling horror novelist’s third tale delves into a world where certain special people can make dreams real, then explores what happens when some of those people are dedicated to their nightmares.

“The book has this idea that people live in two different worlds. They’ve got one foot in the real world, but a lot of us spend just as much time in our private world of thought,” Hill explains. “And in the private landscape of thought, emotion is as real as gravity. That’s an idea that runs like a thread through all my stories, but I tried to take a special look at it in NOS4A2.” Hill will read from and sign NOS4A2 (available for $28.99) at the Tattered Cover LoDo, 1628 16th Street. Space is limited; free tickets for the signing line will be handed out starting at 6 p.m., and seats will be available on a first-come, first-served basis for ticket holders. For more information, visit tatteredcover.com.
Thu., May 9, 7:30 p.m., 2013