Ask a Stoner

Dear Stoner: Is pot now legal in Uruguay?

Dear Stoner: I saw that Uruguay is legalizing marijuana. What is going on down there? When should I start booking my airline tickets and hotel reservations?

Tea Traveler

Dear Traveler: Uruguay is basically pulling a Colorado, with the legalización of limited amounts of cannabis for adults and regulating sales through government-sanctioned storefronts. Uruguayan president José Mujica — who says he's never even seen marijuana, let alone used it — sponsored the legislation to help put an end to drug-related crime in the country.

The details are slightly different, though. For starters, adults eighteen and up would be able to legally use cannabis in Uruguay, whereas Colorado's laws apply to those 21 and up. As in Colorado, Uruguayans would be allowed to grow up to six plants at a time — but they'd also be able to band together in a co-op, as long as their total plant count doesn't go over cien plantas. But don't expect Uruguay to become the next Amsterdam (or Colorado), mi amigo. The way the law is currently written, only Uruguayan citizens would be allowed to purchase cannabis at the storefronts. That's the opposite of Colorado, which will allow anyone 21 and up to purchase la mota.

Dear Stoner: Can you tell me what strain to smoke to put me to sleep? I don't like being high. I want to doze off with as little stoned sensation as possible.

C. King Zees

Dear C: What I've found with using cannabis to get to sleep is that less is more — taking a solid single hit of Banana Kush, Afghani, Bubba Kush, Deadhead OG, and a wide variety of purple strains (GDP, Purple Urkle, etc.).

But don't just rely on cannabis to help you get to sleep. For starters, try to avoid excessive sugars and caffeine in the afternoon (which can be hard, because caffeine is addictive, unlike cannabis). And if you do decide to breathe in a hit or two of a heavy indica before bed, breathe in a few big hits of pure air along with it. Seriously. Deep breathing and relaxation can be a great way to get yourself sawing logs. Try breathing in heavily and slowly for about ten seconds, holding your breath for a second, then exhaling the same breath slowly over about twelve seconds, then repeat. It is simple, you can do it anywhere, and it works well for calming nerves and settling anxiety.