Anderson’s Widow

Merry Widow’s Artisan Operetta is so named because each show draws its theme from a different artist. “I started out doing really classical burlesque, so originally it was pre-1960s artists,” says Tamara Pidhayny (aka Merry Widow). But then she started branching out, incor-porating more modern inspiration — all of which, Pidhayny says, has brought her to tonight’s topic: Wes Anderson.

“I feel like I’ve been preparing to put on this show my entire life,” she says. “It took a year and a half of producing before I had the talent, recruitment-wise, and before my skills were up to being able to pull this show together.” Pidhayny describes the show’s motif as taking her aesthetic and Anderson’s aesthetic and twisting them together, resulting in a Life Aquatic-themed set (with neon fish!) and her best efforts at bringing the filmmaker’s quirky, awkward — but deeply funny — concepts to the stage.

“It’s going to be a quality show at any level of familiarity with Wes Anderson’s work,” she notes. “At the end of the night, this is women taking off their clothes — but there’s no reason we can’t make it intellectual or witty.”

Catch the show tonight at 7 p.m. at Voodoo Comedy Playhouse, 1260 22nd Street; tickets are $10. Call 303-578-0079 for more information.
Sat., Aug. 10, 7 p.m., 2013