Krampus Your Style

Krampus, as you might or might not know, is the anti-Santa, a hairy horned beast of Germanic and Eastern European origins who takes care of all the naughty children by carrying them away in his sack. And because some people just have to be different, Mar Williams of the Concoctory thought it would be fun to celebrate all that her DIY hacker haven has to offer by throwing Krampus Craft, an anti-party where you can get your photo taken with Krampus in lieu of the usual mall Santa. It’s also a way to get the word out about the Concoctory’s new direction as a nonprofit community hackerspace, where, for a monthly fee, members can enjoy 24/7 use of 3-D printers and other techie tools, as well as a room to work in.

So what began exclusively as a maker-supply shop with workshops is now something more. “I was missing the community aspect of it, because it’s more fun to play with other people,” says Williams, who decided that a holiday party was a great way to get the word out. “Crafting is the same thing as hacking,” she adds, and to get the message across, the party will include workshops where you can make your own light-up paper ornament or get an image drawn on one by a robot. “It’s called an Egg-Bot,” Williams explains, “and it draws on spherical objects. You just pop in a Sharpie and feed it your design.” And why Krampus? “The Krampus is rad,” she declares.

Drop by the Concoctory, 1875 South Broadway, for holiday crafting and other scary stuff between 2 and 7 p.m. today; admission is pay-what-you-can, and proceeds will benefit the new hackerspace. To learn more, visit
Sun., Dec. 22, 2-7 p.m., 2013