Readers add to our list of Broncos fans

"Fandemonium," Jonathan Shikes, January 30

Fan Dance

You forgot the "I'm going to move to Colorado and all of a sudden be a Broncos fan" fan.
Jason Joyce
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You forgot the Transplanted Judge Fan, who loves to point out that the football fans from where they are from are better and would never leave before the game is over. Like fans from the South, even though Nick Saban had to call out fans at Alabama last year — for leaving early!
Justin Rodgers
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You forgot the Fair Weather Fan — those who spend over $1,000 on a season ticket but leave the game early if the Broncos are beat traffic. I'm from the South, where football is a religion: You leave the stadium when the clock says 00:00, no matter what the score is!
Michael Stork Bass
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Did the author really call Colorado a flyover state? Westword, you are much better than this "tool" you have writing for you.
Krystal MacDonald
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At the risk of putting myself into one of these categories, this was the Broncos' seventh Super Bowl appearance, not the sixth.
Lawrence Dunn
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Editor's note: The author, a Nattering Native, apparently was trying to forget John Elway's first Super Bowl loss against the Giants. The number has been corrected in the online version of this story — where you can read many, many more comments.

"Down to the Bones," Alan Prendergast January 23

Mapps Quest

A man (or woman) is known, or polluted, by the company he keeps. He is also known by his private behavior and his value system. Michael Mapps condemned himself by his low scores in all those departments, suggesting conspiracy, complicity or collusion in a horrible crime. Guilt by association is...guilt. His faculties of moral discrimination were considerably dulled from his use of dangerous drugs. Maybe he'll learn something this time.
Your writer, Alan Prendergast, a college instructor, knows how to make repulsive subject matter extremely interesting to read and instructive. 'Bout time that guy won a Pulitzer.
Gene W. Edwards
Colorado Springs

"Well Bread," Gretchen Kurtz, January 30

Cuban Crisis

I saw Cuba Cuba Sandwicheria a few weeks ago and loved the decor — very South Beach. The only time I ever get a good Cuban sandwich is when I'm in SoBe every March. Can't wait to try this place out.
Stan Salazar
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