Readers respond to Melanie Asmar's “Mind Games”

"Mind Games," Melanie Asmar,

February 6

This Is Crazy!

Wow. I just read Melanie Asmar's "Mind Games." It is a comprehensive and disturbing look at the real results of pleading insane. I found it chilling to read about some of the cases. I found it hopeful that James Holmes will not be found insane with some of the hints alluded to in the article. This is a masterful and well-researched article and I applaud Westword for having the guts to do it.
Alex Teitz

I was on the Ahmad Clewis-Green jury. We made the right decision: He clearly understood his actions were wrong evidenced through his own taped confession. He is mentally ill; he was also sane at the time of the crime. These things are not mutually exclusive.
Kacey Ingram Jechura
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If they know they are insane by the acts they do, then they are competent to die for what they did.

They get pampered instead of hard labor. If they are so mentally ill, then hard labor won't hurt.
Linda Lee Law
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"Pot Shots," Patricia Calhoun,

January 30

High on Colorado

It is irresponsible for tourism organizations like Colorado Ski Country not to provide basic information about our laws — even if one of those laws legalized recreational marijuana.

Hank Fredericks

They should at least use subliminal hints/comments. Like "Be a Member of the Mile 'High' Club," or "Smokey the Bear Is in Our Mountain Vistas," or "We Have Trees On Our Ranges But Grass Plains." And finally, April 21 is the busiest day for our Chipotle Mexican Grill.
Marcus Netters
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Their job is to bring people here and sell the state to bring in those tourism dollars. By denying the reality of recreational cannabis, they only hurt themselves.
Ed Haas
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Born and raised in Denver, I've spent a good two-thirds of my 45-odd years reading and thoroughly enjoying Westword. This is the first time I've written you. It's a bit of a suggestion — more of a plea, really. After trudging through the breathless article a few weeks back on "ganjapreneurs," and having just come across Patricia Calhoun's incredibly irksome dismissive one-liner about drug talk in Vail ("They can ski in Utah"), and enduring other tidbits about our glorious new ganjatopia in the last few months, I felt the need to write you with an earnest request:

Shut the fuck up. Shut. The. Fuck. Up. Shutthefuckup...

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