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We's Us

It's clear that the members of We's Us put a lot of care, attention and craft into their self-titled full-length. The evidence lies in the complex melodies, nuanced effects and layered sounds that mark each of the album's fourteen tracks. A lengthy stretch of effects-laden guitar lines and augmented chords opens "State of Mind," a careful composition that feels like an ode to the best prog-rock masters. Even some of the album's more grandiose lyrical offerings, such as "Metaphorius" and "Fall Haze," find an anchor in thoughtful solos and intriguing melody lines. Similarly, the polyrhythms, percussion and unconventional sound textures on "Homeless" make for some of the album's more adventurous and intriguing interludes. There's definitely room for a little polishing here; some of the vocals sound ragged, and tunes like "Lucid" run a bit long. Still, these guys have a knack for detail, and their combined talent makes for some genuinely deep moments on this debut.