Ask a Stoner

Dear Stoner: Is my motor home considered private property?

Dear Stoner: I was wondering about RVIA licenses for vehicles and motor homes — whether people can use marijuana in the enclosed area of those vehicles when they're not in use. I know there are some quasi-public ones around, but I'm more interested in private use and whether I can smoke marijuana in mine in our state parks.
Camper Dude

Dear Camper: We've had this question before, and the answer remains the same: State parks are public places, so smoking cannabis in state parks is not legal, according to the Colorado Department of Parks and Wildlife. But with RVs, there seems to be some gray area, as the courts have ruled in the past that people can expect some semblance of privacy in them even while in a public area.

With that in mind, Colorado park rangers generally err on the side of discretion, according to Randy Hampton, spokesman for the agency. If rangers get a complaint, they're likely to investigate it. But they're also likely to treat it as they would infractions such as cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption — and judging from experience, that usually means a stern warning before anyone gets written up. And if there have been no complaints, the odds of a ranger ticketing you for toking up in your RV are slim. Hampton puts it more succinctly: "If everybody comes to a state park and has a great time without affecting someone else's great time, they might never get a visit from one of our great park rangers — and wouldn't that be the best-case scenario?"

Happy — and we mean it — trails.

Dear Stoner: Do you offer internships?
Gofer It

Dear Gofer: We're now hiring interns for the summer — though we use the term 'hiring' loosely, as the only thing you'll be paid with is experience, college credit and maybe a few edibles or doobies along the way. And keep in mind that a Stoner internship isn't all about smoking pot and finding new ways to describe the color green: We need news interns willing to cover pot rallies, talk with state legislators, cover community events and otherwise bring something to the (pot-crumb-covered) table. We also need help with grunt work, like updating dispensary listings for our pot publication, the Chronicle. In other words, you won't just be sent out for coffee and doughnuts. Well, maybe doughnuts.

Interested applicants should send news clippings and a résumé/CV to [email protected], along with 420 words or so on why you would make the perfect pot intern.